Saturday, 6 January 2018


Exclusive lumber cart is too much of a luxury. I wanted it to provide home for most of my hand tools, clamps etc PLUS a working desk to place some power tool, or sanding desk. Desk is at 33" high, 10" wide and is hinged, so it can be lifted to access lumber from top too, though it is open on left and right.
Base is 24" by 48" with reinforced corners to mount 5" castors (2 lockable) Four vertical partitions, creating 3 compartments. Partition heights are 16" (box type) center 28* with hinged desk, fully open with 36* partition with edge support of 10" to prevent any plywood sliding. I would place non skid mats in open compartments and hooks for hand tools and clamps to be added after paint dries.
UNIQUE FINISH, I have used wall putty to close pocket holes, wall primer and acrylic wall emulsion for final coat. Asian paint shade No. 7363 (High spirit) I am happy. Both, vertical pieces sitting on base, pocket holes screwed from outside to provide strength. (Never to be hidden as pocket screes going at an angle, won't have strong grip if it is moving towards edge, it should always move, away from edge. )

Monday, 13 February 2017


Just finished Lazy Susan shoe rack of Solid Pine wood. The rack consists of three double deck shelves connected each with a 12" heavy duty lazy susan. Each double Decker swivels independent and the entire unit sits on a 6" base with one of the three lazy Susan. This was built for my son's family, whose footwear is scattered everywhere in the triple car garage.
Each shelf is 24" diameter and lower two shelves are 7" high, middle two 8" and top three 9" high. Shelf supports are made from 1 1/4" pine dowels, sitting inside pockets drilled with a matching dia Forster drill bit.
Assembly got over today, needs final finish of wipe on polyurethane (clear Satin finish)
Base is 18" dia pine circle.
This project cost me US$250/- approx including three 12" heavy duty Lazy Susan and solid pine lumber.


  1. This week's completed Project:
    Large Garage Shelving
    Size 72" H X 96" W X 24" D
    Wood Used is Douglas Fir
    Uniqueness of this project:...
    "Framed" finish of Unstained Douglas Fir (finished with Poly) and center part of each shelf and the shelves support legs, stained with Cowboy Suede tinted Chalk Board Paint with Wax Sealant.

Thursday, 12 November 2015


Hi Everyone

For Deepawali, I have added the following quality power tools to my workshop. 

1. Makita Circular Saw 5740NB
2. Makita Impact Driver TD0101
3. Makita Finishing Sander BO5031

All these work very efficiently and with accuracy expected of a Japanese Designed power tool.

As part of upgrade to my workshop, I have also upgraded substantially utility value and importance of my solid woodworking bench, details of its built and dimensions etc, i have already shared  I would share full details of the upgrade as a separate post soon


Saturday, 3 October 2015


I have been planning to build a fold-able ironing bench for a while, Most of it i have seen on various youtube channels were mounted on the shorter side of bench, since the height at which it is mounted is around 30", all those short side mounted benches close upwards, displaying the 'ugly' backside. 
I wanted to display the nice side of the Bench and decided that by mounting it on the longer side and using hardware to fold down, instead of fold up, i can achieve it. 
Another design consideration was most of the ready made folding ironing tables are too narrow and are on tubular frame, which i did not like it, as it occupies floor space and too narrow to iron full length and breath of pants and shirts and other dresses. 
So, i got a 220 lb capacity fold down wall bracket of heavy steel (one pair) and Moisture Resistance plywood of 3/4" thickness and a Felt backed ironing mat of 48"x 24" with a silicon pad for resting iron. 
I cut the desired size plywood and sanded nicely and edges slightly rounded by sanding and mounting the mat with 23x13 staples using manual staple gun.

i HAVE used Ebco Wall Bracker WB-40 (400mm) and 100 kg capacity Rs.600/-
felt backed ironing mat of 48"x24" from Pepperfry Rs.500/-
MR grade 19mm plywood   Rs.650/-
Kangaro Miles Hand Staples Gun Model No.TS2313A (this gun takes 23/6 to 23/13mm staples and also 18 gauge brad nails upto 13mm length. Rs.1100/- (purchased online from Offimart)

wall bracket mounted with wall anchors and 3" long deck screws tightened with my Impact driver. I used 13mm staple pins for fixing the mat to the plywood, I folded back the mat as my bench is 18" wide and the mat was 24" wide, so the staples go to the back and main advantage of the fold down bracket is NICE SIDE OF IRONING BENCH IS VISIBLE ALWAYS AND NOT THE ugly back side of it, as it could happen if it was a foldup bracket. 

Wednesday, 10 September 2014



Hi All,

I wish to share with you a UNIQUE project of a quick, half a Day work of a bed, with nice wooden top and frame made of 1.5" PVC pipes and PVC fittings. Top is clamped to the frame. This design and build is a creation of one of my dear friend and trainee-mate during the 6 week Training Programme at AWTC, Bangalore. His name is Raghu Rao, and he is too modest to give any publicity to his work. Being a friend, i managed to get his permission to post and share the details with Forum Members.   

I liked it very much is the innovation of the design, and simplicity of its build, with basic tools and basic skills. I am sharing the photo of the BED, when it was dry fitted, and it was too high, subsequently the height was reduced by 6", making it a nice perfect bed. Now, it is normal single Bed dimensions of 75" X 36" X 18". One can cut PVC pipe with a hack saw or a coping saw and use the joiners with PVC cement. For top, if no woodworking need to be done, then one can buy a ready Block board Door of 36" wide and 75" high. and do only sanding and polishing/painting/varnish, depending upon choice and budget.


Sunday, 24 November 2013

HOME BUILT - FESTOOL STYLE Multi Functional Table mounted on 8020 extrusions of  45mmX45mm

I wish to share the latest project I have just finished, it is Festool Style MFT with a 20mm holes on the entire table top of 48* X 27" on a 4" square grid. The boring of all these holes was done with a 20mm Carbide Forstner Bit, after carefully drawing a perfect 4" grid on a 19mm MDF board. This board is mounted on a 45mm square 8020 extrusion, which has mitre corners, so that the clamps and other connectors can be inserted from all corners. The 20mm dia holes would take all bench dogs of 20mm and also those plastic clamping pieces which come with Black and Decker Workmate, in combination with Festool Special MFT clamps (which are sold in India my Hefele India Ltd. 

It is pretty simple to make, as long as one takes great care while drawing the 4" grid on the table top (festool uses 96mm grid, as it is cut with CNC or multiboring machines, which have got 32mm spacing between two boring heads (centre to centre), I choose to make 100mm grid, as it is easier to mark exact 100mm and the boring is done manually. You have a choice of making with a router or a vertical drill stand. As I was not sure of safety of using a carbide Forstner bit on a router, I used my Einhell Red 18volts Li Ion cordless Impact Drill. You can also make a acrylic template of say 10mm thickness having a grid of 5x5 holes or 3x5 holes and keep boring thro the template. As I am making just one table top, i did not go thro the template route, instead spent lot of time, carefully drawing the grid and punching the centre hole on all points of intersection of 4" spaced lines on X and Y axis and bored each hole, by carefully parking the centre tip of the Forstner bit on the punched hole and keeping the drill vertical with the help of a T square held next to its body.

These are the few photos showing the home made MFT and also some items clamped on it using Festool, special MFT clamps and Workmate bench dogs.